To be or not to be ... 'William Shakespeare'

Ariadne Faries (1968) lives and works by the more spiritual meaning of these words: To be is to feel, to feel is to open up, to open up is to let 'life' into your life. Life is the sum of what you have experienced and that is what Ariadnes work is all about. She paints the process of emotional and spiritual experience and wonders about it. Her work starts at an intuitive level and finds its way to a consious one. With her special 'peg' technique she brings depth and accents to her paintings in order to emphasize what she experienced during the process. And there you have it: The painting becomes the experience.

Ariadne Faries is a painter, an illustrator and a graphic designer. She studied Graphic Design in San José Costa Rica. She was born and raised on Curaçao where she still lives and works.